Welcome to the Show!

Salutations and welcome to our adventures!

Thank you for finding your way to this page!

As many of you know, and many of you don’t perhaps, in October of 2014 Courtney and I quit normal American life, packed up our backpacks, and headed off to Australia and a nomadic life that will hopefully take us to many other places and wonderful adventures. It has been great so far.

This space is largely mine, as I have found that the written word is more my chosen media for creative expression than Courtney’s, though occasionally she will post here as well. We also have a video blog https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGoaBx578myFm_zwz0BFi9w,that I highly encourage you to check out. Much like the written word is mainly my domain, the videos are usually Courtney’s doing, though there are a few that I must take responsibility for, and they are generally much shorter and easier to ingest than my writing is likely to be.

The articles contained in this blog will be a combination of stories of our travels, report like accounts of hikes and campsites for reference should you find yourself in any place we have visited, and the occasional personal reflection piece as this is also a form of personal journal (for those of you who do not know me personally my handwriting is atrocious and keeping a written journal is pointless, I have tried).

Please feel free to comment on the articles and share your love and thoughts, as this blog is partly a way for us to maintain a sense of connection with those we left behind and the world beyond our tent. Criticism is welcome though try and make sure it is a constructive.

I hope you enjoy the tales of our adventures. We love and miss you all.



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