We’re Going to “The Prom!”

This time, no tux required.

The most southern tip of Victoria is occupied by a lovely little national park called Wilsons Promontory, dubbed “the prom.” We visited the park to catch up with a friend we had made the acquaintance of in Jervis bay, Laura, who was visiting the park and said it was lovely. We were heading that direction, and we had no other plan really, so we decided to give it a go.

We arrived on a clear, though, windy, Friday afternoon. Thanks to Wikicamps we found a campsite at shallow inlet that was only $15 a night for two people, compared to $30 plus at the caravan parks and $60 and beyond in the park itself. The campsites were obviously made for caravans so they were quite large. The ranger was an older gent, who was a bit gruff at first, but turned out to be a rather nice bloke in the end. He even gave Laura a free nights stay when she came to stay with us Saturday night.

Shallow inlet was a nice place to stay as well as being cheap. The inlet is on the west side of the peninsula, which gave us a fantastic view of the sunset. After a short walk along the beach we grabbed a glass of wine and enjoyed the view. We were joined on the beach by an older couple and another gentleman who had the same idea. We all took some pictures and had a lovely chat before heading back to our respective camp sights.

The next day we met up with Laura, who was to be our tour guide for the weekend, and headed into the park. We decided to do a short hike before lunch so she took us down five mile road to Vereker outlook. The walk was about 6km round trip and ends at an awesome viewpoint overlooking the western side of the park. There is a spot along the trail that gives a much better view of the eastern edge than the outlook. Despite the heat it was a wonderful walk and we took full advantage of the giant rocks and views by taking a bunch of pictures.

After the hike we had lunch and headed a bit further south to spend the afternoon in true Aussie fashion. Squeaky beach is a popular weekend destination and the parking lot was beyond full, so we decided to try another beach. Picnic beach was a short distance back the way we had come and found it to be much less crowded. A 300 meter walk down a track brought us to a lovely beach bordered on both sides by huge granite boulders. We found a slightly shady spot behind a behemoth of a rock and settled down to read and relax. I took a short nap while Courtney and Laura splashed about in the cool water.

Sunday we headed back into the park to see if we could beat the crowds to squeaky beach. We arrived to find parking spots plentifully, and after congratulating each other on our luck we headed down. The beach is so named because when you shuffle your feet on the sand it squeaks. I have found it to be something that happens on many beaches in OZ. Our original plan was to tackle a walk that runs along the bluffs to the campground at tidal river, but between the heat and exposed trail we decided to just hang out and enjoy the beach.

The trail heads along the southern headland, which was all giant boulders piled together, so we rock hopped a bit until we found a lovely little patch of sand in the shade and set up camp. We did pretty much the same thing we did the day before and hung out, read our books, and enjoyed the view.

One feature of both Squeaky and Picnic beach that make the view better than many, is a group of small rocky islands a bit off shore. The stripped granite boulders and low cliffs create a very unique scene above the deep blue water.

Between the amazing sunsets, the bush walk, and the spectacular beaches, we were both happy with our visit to “The Prom.”


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