The Toffee Factory

Simply put, this place is heaven.

Obviously, the place has great toffee. They have free samples of a ton of wonderful flavors for you to try. Their toffee is to die for, and they have a lot of it. Bu it is not just the toffee that makes this place a must visit.

They also have arguably the best ice cream I have ever had. They take their ice cream and what ever fresh fruit you choose and run it through a machine that makes it come out like soft serve. I chose mango and the flavor was amazing. The ice cream was rich and creamy. By itself it would have been fantastic, but add to it the sweet juicy flavor of mango and it was beyond words. The fresh mango also added some extra texture to the mix.

Courtney chose passion fruit, and even with my love for mango I was jealous. The ice cream literally tasted like licking a passion fruit. It was sweet and sour and mouthwateringly delicious. And of course, there were little passion fruit seeds in it. To take it to the next level, they put it in a waffle cone. Think it couldn’t get any better, well it can. They are gigantic. They claim they are the biggest ice-cream cone in WA, and I believe it. It took me at least fifteen minutes to eat, and it was fifteen minutes of heaven.

After you have your ice cream, take a few minutes to walk around the grounds and enjoy the lovely scenery. There is a play place for the kids if you have them, and benches to sit and relax or tables to eat at. There were geese and other wildlife about to watch as well.

Once your mouth is back to normal, there is more enjoyment to be had. They have just started a new venture, Elephant Rock Cider. That’s right, not only do they have fantastic toffee and the best ice cream cone ever they have cider to sample. Like I said, heaven.

Of course they have your normal apple and pear ciders, both sweet and dry. But, being a crafty bunch of folks, they also had some unique blends to try. The one that we ended up purchasing was their jalapeño cider. Semi sweet with a hint of spice to it, this cider was both unique and tasty. We bought it to go along with the garlic and chive soft cheddar we had bought earlier in the trip, which was a tasty pair if I may say so. They had a few different flavors to try, and they all were delicious.

They also serve hot food made on site. We didn’t have any, but we got to see some of it come out, and it looked amazing. If it is even half as good as the rest of their offerings, it would be worth having. And of course, the staff were wonderful people and we had a great time talking with them about how it all gets done and why they do it. They were so friendly and knowledgeable; it was not hard to understand why they have been so successful.

If they had let us we probably would have set our tent up and just lived there. It really was a piece of heaven on earth.


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