All the Clouds in the Sky

Here is a short story I wrote recently. I will hopefully have more to throw in amongst the travel articles. Enjoy!

A dragon flew by overhead, its wings spread wide and flame bursting from its mouth. A great ship, its bow breaking through swells of foam, smoke billowing from its stacks, chased it across the cast blue sky. There in the distance a racecar spun its tires, throwing up a cloud of burnt rubber. Two horses galloped side by side though an open field, their manes flowing.

Liam smiled. As they crested a small rise, he lifted his head up from were it rested on the car door and looked out at the landscape rolling by. A seemingly flat plain spread out before him. Green saltbush and grey bluebush rolled away into the distance where it met with dark blue of the ocean and the lighter blue of the sky. The sea of greens and greys was broken only by an occasional patch of red dirt and the hunched form of a grazing Kangaroo.

“Are we there yet mom?” Liam asked. “No honey. We still have a long way to go.” She replied.

Liam sighed and set his head back on the door. He turned his eyes once again to the sky. Above camels paraded, their heads held high, and an elephant thrust his trunk upwards. A castle, its battlements shrouded in fog, sat on an island in the middle of a vast lake, and a panther stalked its prey. A star fighter sped across the vastness of space, and a submarine prowled the depths of the ocean. And when the canvas had been filled, he had to but wait a moment, and the wind would wipe it clean.

The world out side the window was a vast blue canvas upon which the imagination of a child could express itself.


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